Where could Opera prevail most if not in the hands of a talented bartender. Over the years, as the spirit world has changed, so has the cocktail culture. The 21st century is characterized by the spread of the ‘keep it simple’ principle, in the spirit of which our brand ambassador created our signature cocktail palette. Clean, elegant, just like drinks made in our home.


A James Bond drink reborn, best before espionage

Opera Gin 60 ml
Opera Vodka 20 ml
Lillet Blanc 20 ml
Grapefruit Bitter 2 dash

Papagena 01_585x585px
Papagena 02_586px
Operoni 01_586px
Operoni 02_586px


Long night drink, sipping pleasure

Opera Gin or Opera Gin Barreled 30 ml
Campari 30 ml
Antica Formula 30 ml

Filthy Collins

Exclusively wicked twist on a classic Gin cocktail

Opera Gin 40 ml
Poppyseed Syrup 25 ml
Lemon 35 ml
Angostura Bitter 2 dash
Orange Soda Top
Filthy Collins 01_585px
Filthy Collins 02_586
B Mary 1_585px
B Mary 2_585px

B Mary

Spicy yet refreshing

Opera Vodka 40 ml
Tabasco 4 dash
Worcester 6 dash
Tomato Juice 200 ml
Pepper 4 twist
Salt 4 twist
Oyster Sauce 25 ml


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