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Postponed, Not Cancelled!
Quarantine will not last forever. Prepare for the return!
Invite your loved ones, friends, relatives, anyone you have not seen in a very long time to the Opera Gin Budapest Bar & Distillery. Spend a night together, when confinement and loneliness will only be a bad memory. Celebrate all the missed birthdays, namedays and raise our glasses for all the newborn babies!
Order your voucher online, give the details (recipients name and cause of gift) in comment and we prepare the personalised gift card that you can send by yourself!
* Voucher is eligible for one person, for the regular Night at the Opera events. Voucher is valid for one year from official termination of epidemic social distancing measures in Budapest.
* The voucher entitles its owner to enter one of our events, consume 3 cocktails from the menu list, have snacks and enjoy the presentation of the night
* Owner of the voucher is kindly asked to register at least 7 days prior to the event.
Everyone may have known our thematic Nights at the Opera events. As part of the cocktail night, we give presentations about the renaissance of gin, the magical world scenery of cocktails and introduce our visitors to the mistery of distilling.

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