TicketHungarian gins starring 15th Oct – Themed evening at Opera Gin Bar

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New themed gin nights at the Opera Gin Budapest Distillery and Bar!
We look forward to seeing you if you are a fan of the world of gins and want to get to know the players of the Hungarian gin market. In addition to Opera Gin, you can taste the most popular Hungarian gins, discover real rarities or lesser-known brands!
During the tasting, we present the items based on spices, we taste them blindly, and then we reveal the line at the end! 😉

Opera Gin Budapest’s distillery , with the special atmosphere of the bar, is the perfect place to get to know the Hungarian gin world! 😊

Tickets include admission to the themed evening, a welcome Opera Gin & Tonic drink, a guided 6-line tasting line, and accompanying snacks.
🍸Cocktail consumption: unique drink specialties from Hungarian gins – our cocktails cost HUF 2,500.
15/OctThursday 7pm – Admission only over the age of 18! 🚪The price of the ticket: 9900 HUF

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Hungarian gins are starring