SpiritKofer. Opera Gin Box w. Juniper


18 590 Ft

Bottle of Opera Gin 44% 0.7 l Box with J.Gasco tonic, juniper berries and dried lime

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Kofer. is well-known for producing premium dried fruits and spices for cocktail styling.
The carefully selected cocktail botanicals lend your gin & tonic a beautiful appearance and delicate aromas.
With the Kofer. Opera Gin Box your gin & tonic experience is complete. You may create an atmosphere at home as being in your favourite bar.
The dried fruits (lime and citrus) are produced in special fruit dehydrators under controlled circumstances and do NOT contain any added sugar or artificial additives.
Make your perfect G&T at home. Spice it up and impress your friends!

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Weight 2 kg

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