ComboGinSpiritVodkaOpera Budapest Dry Gin 0.7 l + Opera Budapest Vodka 0.7 l

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Opera Gin 44% 0.7 l + Opera Vodka 40% 0.7 l

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It’s no coincidence that the Opera family is expanding with vodka. Like gin, vodka is experiencing a renaissance, this magnificent drink has a past, present and future. And as with the big brother gin, our goal in creating the “watercress” was to achieve relentless quality and a special taste.
The word Opera and Gin are connected in more and more minds, and from now on you can practice the new word combination: Opera Vodka. Unusual for us, welcome your little brother!

Composed under the arcades of Budapest’s Opera House and handcrafted in the outskirts of the city in Hungary’s First Gin Manufacture, our gin is a well-balanced and fine-tuned symphony of hand selected botanicals, the purest Hungarian corn spirit and fresh spring water.

Besides classic gin botanicals, such as juniper (hand-picked in Hungary’s Kiskunság National Park), Bulgarian coriander seeds, angelica, orris root and liquorice, Opera Gin contains citronella grass, lavender from the Balaton beach town of Tihany, a hint of aniseed and cubeb pepper. The signature botanical of the gin emphasizing its origin is poppy seed, a main ingredient and real speciality of the Hungarian cuisine.

While staying true to its provenance, Opera Gin is a citric and junipery London Dry Gin, which produces fresh and vibrant Gin & Tonics, and paired with dry vermouth, a crisp and rich Martini.

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