GinSpiritOpera Budapest Dry Gin 0.7 l

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Opera Gin 44% 0.7 l

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Composed under the arcades of Budapest’s Opera House and handcrafted in the outskirts of the city in Hungary’s First Gin Manufacture, our gin is a well-balanced and fine-tuned symphony of hand selected botanicals, the purest Hungarian corn spirit and fresh spring water.

Besides classic gin botanicals, such as juniper (hand-picked in Hungary’s Kiskunság National Park), Bulgarian coriander seeds, angelica, orris root and liquorice, Opera Gin contains citronella grass, lavender from the Balaton beach town of Tihany, a hint of aniseed and cubeb pepper. The signature botanical of the gin emphasizing its origin is poppy seed, a main ingredient and real speciality of the Hungarian cuisine.

While staying true to its provenance, Opera Gin is a citric and junipery London Dry Gin, which produces fresh and vibrant Gin & Tonics, and paired with dry vermouth, a crisp and rich Martini.

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