GiftTicketVisit to the distillery 2 – Opera Gin&Tonic + 2 signature drinks

SKU: TICKET00002-2

12.899 Ft

The distillery tour includes:
– Gin history
– The Opera story from the beginning
– Secrets of Opera Gin (distillation and more)
– Spice tasting
– Guided bar programme

Distillery Tour package I: Distillery tour + 1 welcome Opera Gin&Tonic + 2 Opera signature drinks (all extra cocktails made with Opera Gin or Vodka cost 2,800 HUF each)

The voucher is named, personal for one person and it expires after 365 days. Vouchers will be sent by e-mail with a few days’ lead time. Distillery Tours are advertised on Facebook, booking via email: is possible.
When you order the voucher, please write the holder name in the “Comment” section in the Checkout.

Tickets are valid for 1 year!